Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Reception & Front Desk

Our reception area is clean and spacious! This is where our reception staff and will greet you and your pet, take your pet's weight and answer any questions you may have. You can also shop in our nice retail area!

Reception leading into the Treatment room

This is our retail area (always expanding) and the hallway leading into our treatment and surgical rooms. 

The Pack Preperation Room

Our pack preparation area is where surgical instruments are cleaned, prepared and sterilized for surgical procedures. The cabinets have a direct pathway to our surgical suite next door for easy access and maintaining sterility.

The hallway into our Treatment area

This hallway leads from the pack preparation room into our treatment area. We have several nice working areas, a kennel area for hospitalized patients and a complete in-house laboratory to aide in rapid patient diagnosis when they are ill.

Our Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite is fully enclosed with a window for visitors' view. Our state of the art anesthesia, warming and monitoring equipment will help ensure the safety of your pet. 

Our Digital Radiology (x-ray) room

Our digital x-ray machine is able to provide radiographs in seconds. A digital radiograph is crisper then traditional film radiographs which provides for better diagnoses of your pet.  We can also email, save to disk and show them to you much easier

Our Treatment room

Our treatment area is where we draw blood for heartworm tests, trim toe nails and express anal glands, prepare patients for surgery and perform dental cleanings.

Our Treatment room

This doorway to our treatment room also provides a view into our surgical suite, the quiet room, and radiology.

Our Examination room

Our examination rooms provide a clean, quiet and calming atmosphere for performing examinations, administering vaccines, and discussing treatment plans for your pet.

The Exam room hallway into Reception

And here we are heading back out into the lobby area. Thank you for taking our virtual tour! Please feel free to contact us through phone, email or your pet portal!